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Quick Brick News

  • blog-sitelaunch

    June 8, 2015

    This Bricksite is Fully Operational!

    Now announcing the launch of the site you’re already on! And doesn’t it look beautiful? All thanks to the talents of our web designer, Christy Nyiri, a Vancouver/Toronto-based graphics and code… Read More

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About Quick Brick Tips

Quick Brick Tips is a comedic do-it-yourself web series, hosted by brick authority Martin Nunzio (Secaucus Hardfire, Inc.). Watch and learn how to improve your home organization, do your own dentistry, and not die tragically in a house fire of your own making! All with bricks!

Quick Brick Tips is the most important show about bricks ever made!

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  • David Mohr

    Martin Nunzio

    DAVID MOHR is a New York/New Jersey-based actor on stage and screen, appearing in The Marriage of Figaro, Zombie Pizza, and various web shorts for Adult Swim.

  • Eric Felipe-Barkin

    Director, Exec. Producer, Creator, Writer

    ERIC FELIPE-BARKIN is a narrative and commercial filmmaker. His clients have included Elle, Synergos, and Nixon Peabody. His TV credits include Treme and Curiosity. He also serves as multimedia creative for the Ford Foundation.


  • Tye Pemberton

    Creator, Writer

    TYE PEMBERTON is a fiction writer, essayist, and screenwriter. His work has appeared internationally in Versal, and domestically in Watchword, We Still Like, The Rumpus, and BookTrib.

    He has appeared in underwear in all of his collaborations with Eric.

  • Brenden "Bear" Hubbard


    BRENDEN HUBBARD is an award-winning filmmaker and producer. He production and festival managed the Academy Award-winning short Curfew, its subsequent feature Before I Disappear, and worked on Oh Lucy, winner of the 2015 Sundance International Jury Award.

  • Darcy Trunzo


    DARCY TRUNZO is veteran producer and locations manager, having worked on The Foxcatcher, Anesthesia, Steretypically You,  The Gift and FX’s Louie.

  • Robert Rudis

    Director of Photography

    ROBERT RUDIS has more than 20 years experience as a director of photography in narrative and commercial filmmaking. His work has been featured on Showtime and NBC.